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I don't know why I'm going to try to clear this one up but here's goes.
I think Venison~Lover is asking the original question with Sabot Slugs in mind and NOT the old fashioned smooth bore round ball style slugs "WE" veterans refer to as slugs but still today when someone talks with us about Slugs for shotguns we don't think about Sabot Slugs the first thing that comes to mind are smooth bore type slugs.
SO with that in mind I have to say If your bore is a smooth bore don't look for accuracy much past 50 or 60 yards, It just isn't going to happen.

If you have a rifled bore and you're using sabot slugs you can probably get good groups at 150 yards "IF" you're a really good shooter,
The "Average" shooter even with sabot slugs should probably stay away from the 150 yard range.
If you're going to the range to try your accuracy with Sabot slugs, make sure You're using a RIFLED barrel and
make sure you use Remington's 12ga. PREMIER® CORE-LOKT® ULTRA BONDED SABOT SLUGS, Those are currently the best performers.

I hope this helps

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Here's a quote from Remington's chart.

Remington Shotshell Ballistics -Slug Load
~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Velocity (ft/sec) Energy (ft-lbs)
IndexNo. Ga. ~ ~ Shell Length Slug Wt. Muzzle ~ ~ ~ 50yd ~ ~100yd
PR12CLU 12ga. ~ ~ ~2 3/4" ~ ~385-gr 1900/1770 1648/3086 2682/2325
PR20CLU 20ga. ~ ~ ~2 3/4" ~ ~260-gr 1900/1750 1615/2084 1774/1506

Index No.....Muzzle 25yd...50yd...75yd...100yd...125yd...150yd
50-yd Zero

150-yd Zero

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according to the Facts your hunting rights aren't under attack at all, It looks to me like the state is trying to negotiate safer hunting not eliminate it.

This wasn't an isolated incident for Md. The Daycare shooting was the second incident that took place during this years hunting, On Nov. 29, two bullets hit a home near Williamsport, resulting in negligent hunting. charges against Rodney Harne, 19, of Williamsport. One bullet entered the home through a window and the other broke a garage window. Harne was also more than 150 yards from the home, police say.
No one was hurt in either incident.

I know how you feel wmi but how do you and the other hunters expect to argue it when your own (Paul Peditto, director of the DNR's Wildlife and Heritage Service.) is encouraging a ban.

Peditto said Tuesday that rather than seeking a change in state law, county officials should first consider banning firearm discharges in areas where development has made hunting with guns inappropriate.

"We're willing to continue working with the counties regarding their concerns raised by these unfortunate circumstances, but because both of these individuals have been charged with negligent hunting, it does beg the question whether changing the words in the law book would change the outcome and/or the behavior," Peditto said.

Montgomery County – On Friday, Jan. 9, the Maryland Natural Resources Police charged a Germantown man with natural resources and criminal violations. The charges are the result of an investigation that started in Sept. of 2008.

Paul K. Howell Jr., 18, of Germantown was charged with shooting on, from, or across a roadway; nighttime hunting; hunting within a safety zone; reckless endangerment; malicious destruction of property; and violating a Montgomery County weapons ordinance.

The incident started on Saturday, Sept. 27, 2008 after NRP received a report of an individual finding a hunting arrow inside his Spring Meadows Drive residence. The arrow had entered the residence through the front window and landed on a sofa inside the house. Montgomery County Police took the initial report.

A court date of Feb. 26 has been scheduled for Howell in Montgomery County District Court.

Queen Anne’s County – On Thursday, Jan. 1, at 9 a.m., the Maryland Natural Resources Police charged four individuals with exceeding the daily bag limit of Canada geese on private property near Crumpton.

Christopher W. Figiel, 50, of Millington, Harry J. Langley, 65, of Preston, Brice E. Haddaway, 19 and Kyle J. Sadowski, 18, both of Chester were charged after NRP observed the men allegedly shoot eleven geese from a blind near the intersection of Routes 290 and 544.

The daily bag limit for Canada geese is two geese per person per day. During the incident, NRP seized as evidence, three Canada geese. A court date of Feb. 11 has been scheduled for the individuals in Queen Anne’s County District Court.

You guys are in a tough situation down there in Md. It sounds like you have a whole heap of YAHOOS "UnderEdumucated" Trust Me I'd be the first person to jump onto the battle wagon where bans on hunting areas become a concern but when the area isn't a safe area to discharge a weapon It's kind of hard to argue the issue, I would give up the area rather than risk further accidents BUT I would definately fight for the area's where the ban wouldn't be necessary.


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wmi I really do understand your anger but the sad fact is you DO have idiots down there causing all these problems for the hunters, maybe they weren't hunted related incidents which doesn't matter anyway, What matters are the Bullets fired into a daycare & someones home and garage...
What if it was your home, or what if your kids were in that daycare? you'd be taking a different approach to this I'm sure.

I know you'll agree something has to be done to make those areas safer just because YOU might be the safer hunter and may not be the one sending a bullet into a daycare or a house BUT can you guarantee others won't? NO of course you can't Dude I'm not trying to argue with you over this I'm trying to help you rationalize the situation.
Your anger is causing you to see one side and one side only.

YES I have been to Maryland, I lived there WAY back in the early 80's, at a little ole' military installation called, Aberdeen proving ground and I'm no expert to the open hunting lands available now but if there are areas that put people in danger due to hunting than you and other hunters should do what it takes to help maintain those areas as safe as possible.

And you can't compare automobile accidents to accidents with weapons, there's just no comparison.

If you think the daycare issue is an area that shouldn't be tampered with because it's not a safety isse than what you should do is get all the "Other" incident facts regarding the daycare to show "Other" dangers to the daycare and not just weapons. You can't go in there screaming "Rights or automobiles or idiot gun owners" and expect to be heard.
I wish I were there to help, I consider myself to be pretty level headed and understanding, I think those are important qualities during a town meeting.

And I agree with you too southern man, just because an ammunitions manufacturer says it will do this or that, doesn't mean it should be practiced by everyone, not everyone can perform so well

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I'm siding with wmi and the hunters too and believe when it comes to issues that put my hunting privilege's at risk I have ZERO tolerance.. BUT I'm not going to promote hunting at a daycare, A daycre area is and always should be a safety zone.
I never said I was for the Ban all I said was (Paul Peditto, director of the DNR's Wildlife and Heritage Service.) is encouraging a ban.

What I mill say is the Daycare area needs to be addressed and I AGREE to that but if the result is going to affect other areas that's where I draw the line.

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Venison~lover, you're absolutely right. IF you are able to put 200 yard shots in the vitals at the shooting range then
there's no reason why you should have to limit your abilities in your hunting woods. As long as you're within the law
and aware of your surroundings and are able to release a good safe shot.

This discussion wasn't directed at you and I hope you didn't think it was.
wmi has an active situation in his state right now that makes this a touchy subject for him right
now and I'm sure you understand that as well.

When you go to the Range I'd be interested in hearing how well you're shooting
and at what distances you're shooting at with slugs.

Good Luck to you.
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