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slug gun

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Im thinking about getting a remington 870 super mag turkey deer combo.(I dont know when but i think im gonna find a way to get one) Was wondering what the maximum effective range of slugs is, I know most are only good to 150 yards some are good to 200, are any good to farther ranges?
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I have to say that I agree with wmi. If these punks were not hunters (daycare incident), they should not even look at changing the hunting regulations. One of the major problems is that the parents, schools and society do very little to nothing with the youth as far as discipline and consequences until AFTER they have have done a very stupid act that did or could have seriously injured or killed a person. Even then, they place some of the blame on the current rules and regulations and not 100% of the responsibility on those who did the stupid act. Most kids today have very little responsibility and are not taught how to make correct decisions.

I grew up on a farm. Dad always taught us safety first, last and always and to think things through (this was carried over to hunting, firearms, driving, basically everything). When dad knew we could be trusted and after we had demonstrated good judgements, we were allowed to work by ourselves. I think I was about 11 or 12 years old when I was able to drive the tractor to the field by myself and work the field without supervision. I might be about 7 miles from home, and these were narrow country roads with a 4WD tractor and a 27 foot to 50 foot implement. Sometimes mom would drive by to make sure everything was okay. Neither my brother nor I had a close call.

I have hunted deer with rifles and slug guns (fully rifled and smooth bore). For a fully rifled slug gun I prefer to stay below 125 yards but will go out to 150 yards if the weather conditions and the shot opportunity are right. A slug is really prone to wind drift.

On the PETA issue, did you hear that they want ice cream to be made from human milk and not milk from a cow? PETA says that milking a cow is painful to the cow, we are depriving the calf of it's mothers milk and the cows are constantly pregnant so they will continue producing milk. Yep, PETA has all of those "facts" totally wrong too.

Amazing how PETA is concerned about cows, but they are not concerned about all the babies that are aborted each year (and the mothers who had the abortion). Statistics have shown that almost all of the mothers who had an abortion will have a mental problem later in life as a result.
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