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Where I live in PA - have to hunt with a slug gun. Looking for make/model suggestions for a slug gun w/avg shot 50-60 yds but will have shot opps up to about 125 yds....

Any suggestions???? [email protected]
If you are going to reach out to 125 yards you want a rifled barrel with which you will need to shoot saboted bullets.

I love my Remington 1100 with cantilever rifled slug barrel but you have to shoulder some guns and see what feels good to you. When trying pump guns, make sure the pump does not make noise when the action is closed. This noise may freeze a deer in its tracks which may or may not be good; if you’re me it was never good.

You may already own a shotgun with a bird barrel, in this case you may be able to purchase a slug barrel and save some money. If you are going to keep shots within 60 yards you can use rifled slugs. Rifled slugs should be shot through a smooth bore slug barrel or any barrel with an improved cylinder or modified choke.

Shot guns are no different than rifles, every one is unique and you have to try different bullets until you find the ones your gun likes.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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