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Even though the 1st part of Ohio's shotgun season doesn't end 'til tomorrow,our group ends the organized hunts at noon on Sat.(today). This is the first year in the 27yrs of hunting that I can remember that we got I tagged out my buck in the first 1/2 of bow season and was carrying a early season doe tag which expires on Sunday 12-5-10. The last drive of the day was a little honey hole we've hunted for years. I was going to be on stand for the final push of the season because of the number doe that we usually push out of this hollow and I was the only one hunting strictly doe, well guess what, the doe starting filing out into a strip field about 150/200 yds away (9 total) and guess who decided he was going to take the route where I was posted, thats right, the big boy. If I had to guess I'd estimate 140-150 class. 40 yds, steady moving, not running and here I stand with a doe tag. I did shoot in front of him to try and get him turned around but he kicked it in high gear and headed out of the hollow, acrossed the county road, and into a posted piece of land. The funny part was that after I shot and he took off he must of forgot about the guardrail on the county road because he hit it square on. I thought uh-oh you've hit that deer and he's piled up on the side of a public road and you don't have a buck tag. Trust me I didn't try to hit him but I walked over to follow up my shot. Anyways, he's alive and well with a heck of a headache from the guardrail, the guys on stand on the other side of the hollow also heard him hit, they thought I shot a doe and she piled up on the guardrail. Just thought I'd share a little humor from an Ohio deer camp.
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That's a great story, one worth sharing around any deer camp, or even a deer hunting forum or two. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks RR, we always have fun at camp between the trips, falls, guys getting lost, etc....... BTW let me know how you like that stroganoff recipe
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