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I dont have a problem with mosquitos and I don't have a thermacell but I hear they work pretty well.
Ok, we are going to cabelas next weekend so we will try that.
Man the other day I had 12 bites just on left arm :(
Thermacell for sure. use the heck out of mine down here. best thing ever for warm weather hunting.
ok, Thanks Ya'll :)
Love mine too you can also use them w/ scents haven't tried that yet but you will notice a HUGE difference w/ the thermocell
Thermacell is the best 30 bucks you will spend on hunting this year.
buck where did you get yours?
We have a Sportsmen's warehouse, but I have seen them in a lot of stores. I saw one the other day that looked light a small lantern. I bought it to set around camp. The refills are about $6 I think for a couple of the butane cartridges and a bunch of the wafers. Try this link. ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent: Sports & Outdoors
the Sportsmen's warehouse, close to us closed:sad:
the Sportsmen's warehouse, close to us closed:sad:
I think Wal-Mart has the Thermacells for right around 30 dollars.
Thanks B.B :) I will check there
man they are like vampires uuuuug
stupid useless little things
you're welcome and Good Luck.
check the link in my post above looks like a good deal.
The skeeters are HORRIBLE at my place, mostly because I live by a swamp as you can see in my profile pic. The thermacell's are great, I wouldn't be able to bowhunt early season without one.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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