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Size my trailcam BUCK!!!

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this is the only picture i have of him and it would be appreciated if anyone know how big this thing is. in inches
it's ears kindof get in the way of the whole view. Also my cousin says last year the short tines at the base are split into two but im not sure if thats the same in this picture. thanks

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It is really hard to score a deer from a picture, especially with only one view. It is really hard to get a huge score on a typical 8 pointer simply because they are just that, only 8 points. A typical 8 has to be humongous to score over 150. And if you ask 10 people to guess, you will have 10 totally different guesses. I'm gonna try to include a picture of a deer I killed in 2009 for you to look at and you will get an idea of what I'm talking about. This deer just touches the 150" mark, but I've had guesses as high as 175". Scores can be deceiving also, go to a Cabelas or aBassPro and look at the whitetails they have mounted that have scores posted with them. You'll see some that look like 200" that score high 170's, and vice versa, there are a few that you would think would be mid 160's that actually score in the 180's. If I had to guess, I would guess your deer in the pic to be low 150's. But like I said, it's a guess. Most guesses are too high.Click on the picture for a better look.


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TLF, I think you are right on, my guess 142-152
That's why I never cared much about "scores" HM, although I do like to measure deer just to see, I go more by the "look". I have another deer that measures only 2" less than the one I'm holding in the picture, but if you look at them both you would swear the other one is 15" less than this one. Anyway, Unbiased, whatever that deer in your pic scores, evidently he is on ground you can hunt, this fall get out there and put the whack on him, he is a heck of a nice deer!!!!
The other thing with trail cam pics that I've learned is that bucks generally look alot bigger than they really are. I would guess your buck to be a 3 1/2 year old that is VERY VERY VERY healthy. If I were you, I would think about taking him next year, or even the year after.
I too cannot guess with 100% accuracy the score the buck would be, but I would have to agree with the guys above... somewhere between 140 and 150.
He's got good height to his rack, but he's not very wide. Plus his brows aren't that tall, but then again, I've seen some monsters that have short brows (basically, don't wait around for them to grow! lol)
It looks to me like those two splits there at the end of his main beam are going to TAKE OFF next year, especially the one on HIS left side.

BTW... I'm seeing 11 points on that buck... 6 on HIS right side and 5 on HIS left side.

He really does look like a nice healthy buck! He'd be one that would've been hard to pass up this past season if he came walking by... he's going to be a monster next year.
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Hey Tator: I just looked on EBAY and that same lady has 55ir's, brand new in box, for $75 total shipped!! Says 1 sold, 4 left. Thought I'd give you a heads up.
SWEET! that means I'm going to have to clean house and make dinner tonight....
I have a better idea for you to make points---put an ADDITION on the deck!!!
thanks everyone for the advice. i was guessing around 150. this was taken in some crp land so its hard to get in there and hunt. i sure would've taken him if i would've seen him!
thanks everyone for the advice. i was guessing around 150. this was taken in some crp land so its hard to get in there and hunt. i sure would've taken him if i would've seen him!

It would've been really hard for me to pass up as well. He'd be in my belly by now! :lol:
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