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six-legged fawn

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ROME, Ga. — Veterinarians at a north Georgia college have been treating an odd-looking deer after it was attacked by a dog.

The deer, according to vets at Berry College, has six legs and was found over the weekend near Rome. The animal is recovering from wounds it suffered in the attack.
Vets believe the deer should be kept in captivity.
Due to the injuries, one of its two tails had to be amputated. The fawn has two distinct pelvises and uses one leg from each pelvis to walk.
Atlanta television WSB said the six-legged creature could be sent to the University of Georgia to be studied.

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ETD,that's a strange quirk of nature. I wish freaks of nature didn't happen. I remember when I was young going to the county fairs and seeing displays of animals like that, two heads, extra legs ect. I hope people take care of it rather than doing experiments and tests. I can shoot deer and feel sorry for animals like that one, is that normal?
you bet it is. or maybe you and i are abnormal but i doubt it.
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