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are yall folks big fans of the black and green colors of the site? some have mentioned it makes it hard to read at times. (the black background in the forums) what do yall think? any feed back is welcome.
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i think the colors are fine. course i dont need glasses or anything. But i like the theme for sure. I like the whole site. Its awsome. My girlfriend gets pissed bc im always on here instead of talkin to her haha.
I like the colors but it is hard for me to read it sometimes and I do wear glasses.
the grey on black is a little lite,maybe more of a contrasting color like blue,green or red.Overall i love this place:yes:
I think it's hard to read sometimes because the text is gray... Our member names are bright white and I think if maybe those were reversed it would be better... member names gray and text bright white... does that make sense?
makes sense to me. we were talking about making it a lighter color background. basically like most deer forums out there. and leave the green banner look.
I cant see the gray colored words on the black background
does this White text look better on this black background ??? :tongue:
bruce can do more stuff on this site than i can. maybe i need to start playing around with all these buttons a little more.
Buckfever,, MAN you crack me uP !!!
thats what i mean!!

you want to swing by and teach me how to do that on my own site?
all I'm doing is Highlighting my text and changing my font color.. Highlight the text, then click the Blue A, click the down arrow and choose the color you want to use.. it's that easy
i figured it was pretty simple, just have not taken the time to mess with it. your still the first deerhuntersclub website forum master so i got to give you a hard time
Did ya hear what one Doe said to the other Doe?

I won't do that again for 2 bucks !!! Git-R-Done :biggrin:
hey bruce you got an empty chair at the long table in the camp?:yes:
Sure pull up a seat,, OOOPS that chairs broken !!! doesn't matter, we'll make room...
ahh the old broken chair bit.We like to take the heaviest sleeper and his bunk and put it outside.just one of many.I miss camp.cant make it this year till after turkey day
I just Change the colors and text size........ Its not real hard..... I swear anyone can do it... I love the site the way it is... Wish more people would post some pics tho! thanks for letting me be a member:bye:
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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