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simple taste the best

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but a front shoulder or hind quarter roast in a crock pot and fill it with Kraft Regular BBQ sauce. Cook 10 hours. pull out and trim with mac n cheese and Baked Potato. Damn good! try it and i swear you will make it every chance you get.
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not bad ive done em with onion soup mix ,gonna try u shred it then?
yes i shred it. how do you do the onion soup mix. that sounds really good too man.
buck just get liptons onion soup mix,mix it up put it in the crock pot with your roast & veggies and let it go.comes out good really good flavor

For a new twist try adding a can of crushed pineapple in with the BBQ sauce, it adds a new tangy flavor and cooks rite in to the sauce.
very good with hog shoulders. do this sometimes.
I would have to take the kraft BBQ sauce out... I hate that stuff. I'm a MAUL'S, KC STYLE man! To me, that's the best BBQ sauce out there!
I like to mix KC or Sonny's and Stricklands BBQ sauce.
I prefer Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce.
make that 3 for the sweet baby rays
Oh yeah it doesn't get any better then sweet baby ray's smoked some veni steaks smothered in SBR the other day one word AMAZING
I don't know fellas,,, I'm partial to my Maul's KC style. I'm not big on SWEET bbq sauce.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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