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Sighting In

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I got my crossbow out this weekend to see how i was shooting for this coming weekend opener.
I took a few 30 Yard shots but i really do my fine tuning at 40 yards
then use my scope lines to work back up for closer shots.
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I fired one shot last night at 20 yds and was right on. The scope lines are just about perfect at each distance.
Its hard on my fletching when i shoot at 20 yrds.
I need a better target, the one I have used on the compound isn't slowing the crossbow down.
I have tried a few different targets , I think the bolts are short and they take to long to stop
I dont mine sending one through a buck at 20 yrds :biggrin:
my Glendell (spell)? stops the bolts pretty well.
I havent seen that target name anywere ! HM
Cabela's and Bass Pro sell them, I got mine from Cabelas, somewhere in the $159.00 range.
When I shot the Phantom back a week or so ago, first dot was 10-30 yards. Second dot was 35-45. I have no idea what the third dot would be, 50 I guess.

It is simple, under 35-yards, I just hold dead on, a tad high or a tad low depending on the distance. 35-45, second dot, same deal.

My shots so far have 32, 31 and 22. All have been dead solid perfect for two deer and a turkey.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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