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sighting in my guns

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well i know i'm late doing it but better late than never??lol i will be sighting in a few of my new guns tomorrow rem.modle 7 in 6mm rem,bought a couple barrels for the encore one in 30-06 and 338win mag.both 28''prohunter's all topped with nikon monarch's funny i work for swarofski and buy nikon??lmao!!go all my reloads set for trial and allso bought the new hornady superformance bullets to try??i'll post with the results!!
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Good luck. I sighted in 4 of my rifles a few days shoulder was a bit bruised, lol.
Well went to camp and checked my a nice buck on it but its blurry looks to be a nice one but just cant tell?
Sighted in all my guns today when i got back home and all are deadly!! My hand loads and hornady superformance both shoot in the same place with minimal grouping differances.all shot 3/4-1 1/2 [email protected] 6mm rem shot the 3/4ingroup!very satisfied with all of my guns!!i have no excuses!!lol
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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