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My question. Should I use the T/C CheapShots for hunting since they (my son and nephew) are comfortable shooting that load or should I use a similar load more tailored for hunting? I'm thinking of the 260gr. T/C ShockWave with the ballistic tip. We have six more weeks before the hunt. That should give us enough time to practice.

BTW, they shot two whole boxes of Pyrodex pellets this morning. Had a blast!

it's personal choice but I would suggest the 260gr. Shockwave BUT then again that would depend on how well the shooters can group them.
try using the 3 round sight in rule fire three rounds and determine accuracy.

Here's a TiP, make sure the muzzleloader is thouroughly cleaned before heading out and when you fire the first round You should Run one wet cleaning patch followed up with a dry patch THEN Load up for the next shot
shoot the second round again use one wet patch and follow it with a dry patch THEN load up for the next shot Now fire the third round. now check your target and see how well the shooter did. it only takes a little more time to run them patches between shots but, the grouping will be more accurate if you follow this procedure.

Good Luck
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