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Sighting in a new scope on 20ga

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I just put a new scope on my Mossberg 20ga and my local gun club only has a 50 yard range. Is this a decent range to sight my scope in or should I adjust it 1" high or something like that at that range?

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Read on your box the slugs came in.It should say how high to sight in at 50 yards.My Hornady sst's tell me how high to shoot at 50.So,a 50 yard range should work.
Most likely you'd see a deer at 50 yrds or a bit further. I was advised by my teacher to sight in for 50 yrds and if I need to shoot a bit longer distance just aim a bit higher.

You can also find ballistic tables for your ammunition on either a box, or on the manufacturer site (Winchester does it). That way you would know for sure how much more you need. My ammunition is +2" at 25 yrds, 0 at 50 and -5 at 75. I wouldn't use it for anything longer than that, but it's good to know that unlike rifles, shotgun slugs aren't that well designed for long-range shots. If you zero it in for 75 or 100 and you got a deer right in 25' from of ya, you risk shooting too high. 0 for 50 yrds gives it right in the sweet middle.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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