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Sighting in a bow

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Hey guys,
I've owned a hoyt bow for 3 years now and have it sighted in for target shooting. This is my first time bow hunting, and a friend told me I should sight it in to shoot about 2 inchs low before going to the stand to compensate for shooting at a downward angle.
just wondering if anybody has an opinion on this?

Thanks in advance
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ACS, I sight in my bow to shoot dead on for every pin. The only time I put my pin lower on the deer is when its a steep angle close in shot, then I simply hold for a low heart shot. I wouldn't purposely sight in low.
You should always sight a bow in so it's hitting the Target dead-on,
The LAST thing you need to be doing when your deer comes in range is mathematical equations
to determine whether you need to aim dead on or 1" high or 2" high or
3" high or wait maybe I need to aim low etc., etc., etc.

So I agree with HM and I too say, sight in dead-on and you'll be all set.
Good Luck
I agree.Do not set your bow to shoot low.I set my 15 foot tall ladder stand in my back yard and shot at 15 and 30 yards with little or no difference from where I hit the target not being in a stand.I think shooting low would be only if you are shooting down at an extreme angle.
i'm with hm. i hunt high (25ft) and use the compensating range finder to know what to hold where.
Thanks guys
Thats what I thought, but wasnt sure. I'llleave it where it is and see for myself whats happens. I only have one stand so idont really have a way to practice shooting from it at this point, but I feel pretty confident,

Thanks again
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