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Sighting in a bow

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Brand new to this. Can someone tell me where to start when sighting in a brand new bow! :pickle:
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we'll need more info, is the bow fully set up or needs all the goodies installed? I really would visit your nearest pro shop, Bass pro, Cabela's ect and sight in and or install additional equipment. You can sight in at home and we can get into that if your ready and have everything to do it. Bow is fully rigged, you have proper arrows, and most likely a release, good arrow backstop and some sort of target. Let us know how much of the above you have so far.
I sure do!

hm is right. there's more to it than moving pins. first the bow must fit you, then paper tuning to make sure the arrow is leaving correctly then moving pins. a lot to it. work with a pro shop. they should steer you right plus you'll be in there in the future, guaranteed. if you are doing the maintenance things you should be.
Speqaking of, what is regular maintenance to get done, or something i should have checked on the regular. I'm brand spanking new to bow hunting!
string and serving for wear and fraying, string wax. paper tuning every year or when something seems amiss and nothing is loose. cracked anything. cables and guides
Find a nearby indoor range. Plan on hanging out there for about an hour every week. If you get a chance to shoot that's great, but watch the guys who are consistantly shooting tight groups. If your social skills permit, introduce yourself and make friends. You can read books, magazines, watch videos and still come up short. There are a lot of bad habits that can picked up without knowing. You need a mentor/ coach and who knows, maybe a new hunting buddy.
Thanks. That actually helps alot! :w00t:
Brand new to this. Can someone tell me where to start when sighting in a brand new bow! :pickle:
Very close to the target!:biggrin:

See how it is shooting close then start easing back.
Seriously!!! Seek hands on help at your local pro shop and then at a local archery club. Looking for answers online or over the phone won't cut it. If you really want to learn it has to be hands on help. PERIOD! I'm telling you this for your own good.:no:
Natedizzle the point everyone is trying to get across to you is, there really isnt any SAFE or ACCURATE way for us to help you through a computer keyboard.
The best thing for you to do is locate someone locally who is willing to help you at a range, or Seek help and advice from your local Archery Pro shop.
I wish we could help more but i'm sure you understand the situation.
Good Luck
Even those of us who have been archers for a long time still need the tuning equipment of a pro shop. Paper tuning is vital to insure that all the equipment is lined up perfectely and the hole in the paper must be read by someone who knows what they are looking at and then what adjustments are needed. After paper tuning with properly splined arrows with correct field tips you then can begin the sight-in process indoors with a knowledgable person who genually wants to see you get it done. He wants a return customer and will do his/her best to get you shooting 2-3" groups at 20 yds before you leave. This is why we all reccomend using a pro shop to get everything right the first time keeps most bad things from happening and you have the confidence to then go out and begin the practice sessions. There are so many things that can go wrong it simply makes sence to utalize a few bucks and one hour of your time to do it right.
something i found really helpfull when i started is just hang out around any local archery shops ask questions and listen to what the veteran hunters are saying pick up on there years of experience they are usually very willing to help and are a wealth of knowledge. never underestimate the little mom and pop shops when it comes to help with hunting or fishing sometimes these guys have 20,30, or even 40 years experience shooting a bow or hunting.
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