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Shoulder shots and barnes bullets

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The barnes 290 gr shoot great out of the long range hunter. Does anyone know how they hold up on shoulder shots.
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I can't help you on this one, there would be quite a bit of lost meat on the shoulder shot. My brother shot a doe in the shoulder with a 50 cal using a sabot and Knight lead bullet and lost that deer, that was a long time ago, 12-13 years. That deer was knocked down and got up and never went down again. I would think the Barnes bullet would preform well.
I know there is better shots that wont ruin meat but i just love watching them hit the ground. Easy tracking also.
I used to shoot the barnes mz expanders.Killed a few deer with them.They expanded just like a black talon.The problem I had was no blood trail.The bullet did not penetrate enough.So after tracking a buck that I knew for sure that I hit,and never found a drop of blood,I quit using them.I did however find the deer about 75 yards away.
Shoulders and Barnes hollow points are all I do. Tracking???
What Tracking!!? Lose meat, heck I just shoot another.:coffee:
Barnes Bullets

I just went to Barnes bullets this year after shooting Thompson Shockwaves for a number of years. I shot a small buck earlier this week (~ 120 lbs.) at roughly 70 yards. The bullet performed well and did a lot of damage. That said, bullet placement (in my opinion) is the most important element. Good hunting!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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