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Clover and Chicory Options

The good news is both clover and chicory can be planted as single stands or together if you wish. They tend to peak at different times which is why people plant them together.

White Dutch Clover is suited to pH's in the range of 6 to 6.5 and chicory is also Ph tolerant. Both do well in well drained soils which you describe.

Both are cool season perennials. Planted in late winter or spring and the white dutch is great out of the gate, giving good spring feed. The chicory is more heat tolerant and tends to last longer in the summer than the fast out of the gate clover so evens out the season by having food all spring and summer. If you add a small grain such as winter wheat/winter rye(can be sown superficially) or oats(have to be sown deeper) the grain will provide the fall feed so you get coverage later in the season.

I hope this help clear it up some for you.

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