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Shotgun Patterning

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Yesterday I bought an H&R Pardner Pump 12 gauge with the 28" barrel from walmart. I also bought an H.S. Strut Undertaker ported turkey choke and some Winchester Supreme #5 3" turkey loads for it. Today I went to pattern it at 30 and 40 yards and it would consistently pattern about 10" low. With regular 2 3/4" birdshot it patterns right where I aim. My question is; to get my shot pattern up, should I try different turkey loads or should I get some of those turkey sights that mount on the rib of the barrel? :wacko:
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Just try some #4 or 5 shot in 2 3/4's that is all I use
Sure You are not flinching?
Sure You are not flinching?

that would be my guess......
I think everyone I know boasts about how much better 2-3/4" shells shoot compared to 3" shell....
I know mine patterns better with 2 3/4" because I know I flinch and 10" low seems a lot of difference between the 2 only reason for asking
Sure You are not flinching?
I'm sure I flinched somewhat, but not nearly that much. It consistently shot in the same area at 30 and 40 yards, which was low. I even had a friend shoot it, and he shot low as well.

I might just order a set of these - HIVIZ TomBuster Sight Set Shotgun with Vent Rib Steel Blue Fiber Optic Green - MidwayUSA

But if I don't get this figured out before my turkey season on the 27th of this month, I'll just use the 20 gauge.
That was a joke I didn't think you can flinch that much
just hard to imagine that the 3" will shoot 10" less then the 2 3/4's if legal in your state you could always scope it
never really thought about using one till last year works very well I purchased a leapers with illuminated crosshairs cheap I think it was under $50
I could scope it, but I also want to use this gun for trap shooting. Oh well, I'll get it figured out one way or another.
WD I had a saddle mount I made at work for mine made longer trigger frame pins to hold it in place works great & stays pretty true even after many times of taking it on & off I too skeet shoot use it for Turkey & deer
& best part is just pop out the pins & replace w/ the other set takes as much time or less then swaping chokes
WD How are you making out w/ the H&R?
my Excell shoots really nice was glad to see it came w/ all the chokes & wrench more common name brads usually only supply you w/ one choke
Haven't even done anything with it yet. This week I might order those sights for it. The weather has been awful lately so I couldn't pattern it if I wanted to anyway. My H&R only came with a full choke, which is weird because on their website they say it's supposed to come with a modified.
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