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add the federal 338 and 6.5 creedmore rounds. I only got to see 1 dealer at the show this weekend, selling Panther arms. Its really hard to see a lot of difference in product quality with these rifles. DPMS, Stag, Rock River, ect. Cabela's has a Panther Arms DPMS model Oracle 5.56 round selling for $699.99 for the next couple of weeks? I wish I knew more about AR rifle quality between various makers. The new Remingtons are nice looking, but price is up there. I was told that ammo for the 6.8 is limited and the dealer suggested the 223. I have learned there is some suttle differences between the 223 and 5.56 rounds, something to consider and know the inter-changibility of the rounds. There is also a product offering that is a compromise that feeds both rounds as a compromise. Starts with a W... wilde or something?:wacko:

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yes. there are differences in the 223 an 5.56. some rifles can't handle both rounds thats why the bushmaster, it can. so shootum up is the military 5.56 stuff and cutting one hole, good 223. $$$ is in the quality of manufacture, like most firearms. if your looking for rounds down range it may not matter as much, now if your looking to varmint hunt. one other thing is the mag capacities. nh is 5 rounds total for hunting.
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