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shot the bow today first time after surgery

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Well today I finnaly decided that I was going to shot the bow. I just had major surgery on my lower back and spinal canal three weeks ago and have been recovering very well. As talkked about in past post I was going to wait until next week to work with the therapist but me being the stubborn irish man that I am I had to do it. Mind you I have a very safe backdrop in case anything happened but it didn't. I shot 9 arrows and 8 were in the kill zone of my buck 3d mckenzie target and one went under the belly:thumbdown: I am very excited as I have not bowhunted the way I use to in 2 years because of my ilness. Man I can not wait for oct.1.

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Sounds like really good news for you. I hope all works well for you.
Well now you're on your way, good news.
Sounds great.. Just dont go over board with it... I with you on the stubborn, watch this I can do it syndrome.
Yes my wife is telling me not to over do it as I have been sick for so long and she does not want me to ruin the job the surgeons have done. I just miss shooting the bow so much. I actually shot 6 arrows today also. I was extremly tired and ended up taking a two hour nap so I guess my body was not up to all I have been doing. needless to say I usually do not sleep alot but after surgery I have been. Time is precious I will sleep enough when I die.

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