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shot size

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what shot size do you guys reccommend?? And also are there any special broadheads for turkey?
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There is the Gobbler Guillotine Broadhead , 4 inch by 4 inch blades intended for headshot. Never tried them, some say hard to get good flight stability.
I always liked the Rem duplex 4's and 6's can get it any more. I think someone else is now making a duplex but I don't know who. I've got a few rounds left. Heavy shot is a real good one, but I'd stay away from the 3 1/2. 3" pattern better out of my gun.
#4 or #6 there are so many brands out there its hard to say which is comes down to what your gun likes.go buy a few boxes and go to the range.Just cuz its expensive doesn't mean its great for your gun.Go to the NWTF site they have alot of turkey tips and i think a target you can download.Ill check for downloadable targets for ya.
Yup we can't tell you whats best for you, only you and your shotgun can determine that.
All Turkey loads are good loads but don't perform the same way in each shotgun.

Do you have any friends that Hunt for Turkey? maybe they'd be willing to give you a few rounds
for you to try in your shotgun otherwise you'll have to buy and try different loads.
Try to start with the #6 shot, that's my only advice. and don't think a 2-3/4" load is too small.
A 2-3/4" round does just as good for me as a 3" or 3-1/2" but doesn't Thump the shoulder as bad.
Remington has a nice Turkey Target for downloading and printing <-Click to get the Target

Good Luck
thanks for finding the targets bruce.Burgerking get some shoot-n-c-target spots.those are the ones that change color when you hit them.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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