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Shot New Rifle

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Well I Finally Got The Chance To Shoot My New Winchester Sxr 300wsm Today.i'm Not Happy With It At All.i Tried Many Diff Hand Loads And Diff Bullets Ranging From 150,165,and 180.the Best Group I Had Got Was 3in At 100yrds.thats With A Perfect Rest And Just Squeezing The Trigger.i Have Cleaned It After Every 3 Shot Group.tried Dirty Barrel. I Tried Pressing The Lead In Deeper And Tried Leaving It Out As Far As The Clip Would Allow.i Know That It Can Shoot Better Does Anybody Have Any Advise On What I Shoiuld Do??should I Try A Lighter Lead? Or Try Some Factory?any Suggestions?
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Sorry to hear that. Wish I had some advice for you but I know nothing about hand loads and such. I hope it works out for you though.
I'm not sure but i was under the impression the short mags were a bit touchy to hand load. onehorse should know.
Me either, won't hurt anything to try a couple of factory loads to guage against the reloads. Everything I've read those are susposed to be pretty accurate. Hopefully, its something simple and not a factory barrel/bedding issue.
The first thing I would try is some factory loads and also the possibilities of the trigeer pull HOw does it feel does it creep I know alot of factory rifles do not have light enough triggers for me and I have them worked on two of my favorite rifles. Best of luck and ley us know how you make out.

Peace D3
Thanks Everyone.looks Like I'm Going To Go Buy A Box Of Factory Bullets To Try.i Havn't Bought Factory Bullets In Years Does Anyone Reccomend A Sertin Brand?i Would Like To Stay In The 150gr-165gr. Thanks Again.
Update: I found a bullet that works super good in my 300wsm its the factory winchester supreme elite 150gr. 1/14 group at 100yrds.super satisfied and confident now!!!i'm so happy.feels like a big weight lifted when i shot this group.i had to try it a couple times to se if it was true and it is.
Glad you found a good load. I've heard that short mags are better in really small catridges. In larger cases they have trouble.
Good deal!!

I bought a 7mm WSM last year and love it. The only problem that I've found is that factory ammo is a little hard to find. I think the 300 is a little more popular so hopefullly you won't run into the same. Good hunting.
I'm interested in that 300 WSM cartridge so bring back a good report.

Just interested, didn't say I was getting one.
Just a couple of thoughts on new 300wsm

I have 2 ideas if you haven't got it figured out yet.

1. Try a different scope, use a known good scope that has already proved accurate on another rifle.

2. Order from midway of another supply house the set of break-in bullets. You use them from course to fine and polish out any rough spots.

Hope these help if you haven't already dialed it in...

I shoot a Rem. Model Seven in 300WSM and it shoots great - one inch at 100 no problem. That Winchester should be just as accurate. Here's my ideas: First, check all your rings and mounts for tightness, but don't over tighten - I've seen guys literally crush their scope tubes by over tightening. Next, when I break in a new rifle, I clean it after EVER shot for at least the first 10 shots or more. This basically polishes the interior of the barrel. Next, it seems to me that you are trying to correct too many things at once. Remember the old scientific method of only changing one variable at a time before checking results. Next, I can't help you out on commercial loads as I reload everything, but since you are a reloader, here's the one that I use: 68 grains of Hunter powder with 150 grain Barnes TTSX bullets and CCI 250 primers, COAL 2.830. This is 2 grains below max in the Hunter reloading literature; starting load powder weight is 63 grains. ALWAYS work up to the higher loads. Good luck, and let me know how you do.
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i also have the the 7mm wsm, but owned a 300 wsm before. the best round i could find for both guns is the fusion by federel.
What was the fix??

I am curious what the fix is, scope/mounts or rough bore spots/bad barrel crown?

These are the type of problems that are stressful to figure out but fun at the same time. Just remember you are into shooting for FUN.....
If you hit what your shooting at then you can kill it. You just need to know where you hit it
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