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Shot Me A ****...

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Well last night I was just getting into bed around 1 in the morning when I hear what sounds like a cat fight outside my house.. I dont really think anything of it until I hear a similar sound again except for this time it was more like a "Help Im dying sound".. So I throw my boots over my bare feet, grab the 12 gauge and proceed on out to the barn.. The main reason I get up is because Im thinkin maybe somebody didnt close the coop door and some dogs are trying to eat my chickens.. Well I get out there and this stinkin **** is inside my coop climbing the wire.. Its a bloody mess, feathers everywhere, blood everywhere.. So I shoulder the gun and start to ponder if a dead **** is worth blowing a hole through my barn roof if I happen to miss.. I came to the conclusion rather quickly that hole in the roof or not this chicken killer is gonna die.. I pulled the trigger and noticed it had a little extra kick to it.. That kinda stung the old shoulder a little bit.. What kinda shot I got in this gun.. I pushed the shell threw and noticed I had put No 4's in it from when I turkey hunted.. Kinda overkill 10 yards from a **** using that kinda shot..

The **** died.. But so did my 2 mama hens, 1 chick, and probably my best rooster.. I open the chicken coop door and the rooster that I thought was dead laying against the door stood up.. (well kinda, He had a drunk, I got the crap beat out of me walk). When that dude stood up out of a bloody heap I about wet myself..

I am very thankful for 1 thing.. If one of the neighbors would have woken up and drove to my house they would have got a memory to last a life time.. Me standing in the barn with nothing but my drawers on holding a 12 gauge. What would have been even better is if one of those cop cars that have a video in the front of it would have pulled in my driveway.. Then I would have been on T.V. explaining to millions about the **** eating my chickens..

I am also happy to report that there is no massive hole in my barn roof..

Stupid *****...
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Grins, I'm sure you were a sight. Nothing like the ******* life aye? When I had chickens I used to have problems with opossums and dogs. I shot a bunch of them.
I have a similar story. When I was a boy my uncle purchased a piece of property in Conneticut in the heart of farm country. One of the first things he did was buy a few chickens and a rooster for the eggs. They were Rhode Island Reds and the rooster was absolutely beautiful.All he did was cut a hole in the side of the barn and build an area for the hens to lay at the time. The animals were allowed to free roam during the day.Well needless to say in a very short time he lost a few birds and decided to build a coop.Well come to find out this did not stop the local predators from having a midnight snack. After losing a few more birds even though there was a coop he decided to take matters in to his own hands. My uncle had a side by side ten gauge shotgun and decided he was going to wait on his porch until the critter came. Well the critter came my uncle was out cold with the gun in his lap. He woke up decided to cut loose with both barrels and all he hit was the pole thay was holding up the clothesline blowing it to pieces! He saw the **** that night run away with another of his birds in his mouth still quite alive and not the least bit scared.
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Would be nice to get these incidents on film!!:rolleyes:
Don't forget to catch the exciting new reality show "******** gone wild" starring Buckfever starting Mondays at 8pm on FOX. DON'T MISS IT!!!!!!
I'll have to mark my Calendar so I dont miss it :biggrin:
next time use the camo air rifle for less collateral damage.great story:thumbup:
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