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shot in the back

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well i shot my first buck last night. nice non typical 9pt with a lot of kickers. only problem is it was a overhead shot down into the spine (well just to the right of it) and now i cant and havent been able to find him. obviously no blood trail because i didnt have a exit wound. now what? let it sit over night but after several hours of looking, i still have no trophy....

its my fault for being over excited and taking the non broadfacing shot, but knew the spine shot would drop him... not this time though.
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All you can do is go old school and start back at your shot and start half moon griding out your area.
i almost did the same thing but decided to just pass it up for that reason lol
Keep checking the area as much as you can for as long as you can...he may expire alot later on and you'll know that you've done all you can in attempting to locate the deer.
that's not a good shot to take. Next time be more patient and play the chess game. ALOT of hunters would say that taking that shot was very unethical.
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