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Went out this afternoon to see if I could put three rounds in close proximity at 100 yards or so. That's the distance from my "new" blind to where the deer feed at the deer block I've dropped off.

It may look like more, but there's only three rounds fired in the picture.

Savage model 111 in .270, shooting Remington Core-Lokt 150 grain bullets.

What was really neat was taking a short pause checking out the targets. I get back into the blind and a young buck (maybe 1 1/2 years - small 4 point) walks out with two of his does as I'm loading another round into the .270. Had to hold off on my target practice until they wandered off to the neighbor's property.

At least it looks like I can hit the broad side of a barn. :nerd:

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Nice group

Nice tight group, was it free hand or were you using a solid rest? You talk about a blind, it sounds like you are going to be TO comfortable during Deer hunting this fall.

They were fired "free hand" just resting the rifle on the front edge/down range edge of my "new" blind that I posted a pic of in another section.

I use a gun "vise" when zeroing the scope on my 25 yard range.

This is one of the reasons I moved out to the country to begin with. I can shoot anytime I want as long as I'm careful where the bullets are going. My 25 yard range is into the bank of a dry pond. Since we've had no rain to speak of for months, it's the perfect short distance shooting range.

Sorry to hear about your lack of rain in Texas..

We have some family on my wife's side down there. It must be terrible with all the rivers/lakes drying up. I can't imagine what it is doing to the younger game animals that can't take the stress. I would bet that any water holes/tanks made by the ranchers are very popular with the local Deer populations.

RR, looks and sounds like you have a nice country property where neighbors don't complain and you have game on it. Congrats! Happy hunting to you!
"I would bet that any water holes/tanks made by the ranchers are very popular with the local Deer populations."

I've even put out a big bucket that mama used to use for canning for water. I run a 5 gallon water bottle out to every other day or so in the same wheel barrow y'all see in the deer pics I've posted. Baiting?? Depends on your point of view I guess.

I do know one thing . . . . Mama's already warned me what will happen if I put any bullet holes in her bucket. <grin>

For such a dry year +, we certainly have a bunch of little ones this year. I'm just wondering how they will fare over the next couple of years if/when conditions around here don't improve any. Only time will tell . . . . .


I do have a neighbor "next door". He's about 100 yards away or so from the house, but only about 50 yards or so away from my favorite "hunting spot". He's retired Air Force. Now I don't hold that against him, but he did complain to my better half when she ran into him in town. He didn't seem to like me "shooting that [email protected]#n gun all the time". Guess he should have picked some place like urban New York or New Jersey to retire to rather than hill country Texas. Some of us have history here in Texas running back to right after statehood, growing up with a rifle put in our hands as soon as we were old enough to hold one. His house and property is up for sale, but he just doesn't have any good places on it where I could safely shoot. <grin>

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you seem to be about 2" wide right, and about 1" low right;
at 100 yds, 1 click will move 1/4 ";
I would move windage left 24 clicks, and up 12 clicks
rdrader2002; At least it looks like I can hit the broad side of a barn. :nerd: RR[/QUOTE said:
Good Luck. Hope you get that barn wall hanger, make sure it's a healthy, mature barn and we want pics too :w00t:
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