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shot a big buck

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I Shot a buck of a lifetime friday morning!!! 22 yards broadside, With my arrow angleing slightly down I was about 3 to 4 inches high and the broadhead hit the back side shoulder...It was not a complete pass through. After waiting 2 hours me and my buddy began to track. My arrow broke off and was laying about 40 yards from the shot.(I think the broadhead is still in the deer). We could not find any blood...finally after looking and looking I found blood about 100 yards from the shot.(LUCK). We followed a good blood trail about a half a mile and it started getting smaller and smaller then there was no more blood. scaned the area for hours with no luck. I am sick, depressed, sad, mad you get the point. So now what??? Anyone got any tips???? Thanks clay
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it happens. sorry. ever widening half circles from the last blood but there are no guarantees.
That stinks man.. I feel bad for ya. Like ronn said about all you can do is keep circling the last spot where you found blood. If still no luck watch for buzzards while your hunting. If you notice them concentrated on 1 area you may at least get to see what you shot close up.
Keep going back. A big buck is worth extended effort. I too am sorry. It has happened to me as well only mine I found a gut pile where someone took it. Still raises the hair on my neck. Keep trying friend.
Unfortunately you probably should've waited till the next day once you went past the 1/4 mile range.

I lost one a few years ago like that and will never forget that sick feeling of knowing that he was laying dead somewhere...thing is, is that I bumped him up when he bedded down because I was to anxious and only waited a few hours also.

I'd just go back to where you last saw blood and get a few buddys and walk in stright lines back and forth, kinda like graph paper

Good luck, and keep us posted
Still no luck.:thumbdown: Thanks for all the help!!!
You gave it your all and in the end that is all that matters. Maybe the next time it will be your time to cheer. If you hunt long enough it will happen. Sorry it did not work out.
A hunter that goes back several times to follow up is a good ethical hunter that wants to close the deal. Some hunters assume they miss and never find the blood you found out at the 100 yard mark. That alone tells me you put forth the effort. Sorry it didn't work out for you. Been there, done that, felt the misery. I live by maps. Unfortunatly if this happens again try locating a nearby water source and work from there. Wounded deer will go to water quite often.
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