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Has anyone had a hard time loading the super glide shockwaves into their ml? I have a triumph and I have to put all of my weight onto the ramrod to push down the sabot and even then it seems to not seat all of the way sometimes. Any input would be great, thanks
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I have the #8245 .50cal 250Gr. superglide shockwaves and they work great in my Traditions Muzzleloader.
No problems at all, nice snug fit and they seat very well.

Have you been using them right along or are these new to your muzzleloader?
My hunting buddy and I ran into this same issue with his Triumph but after we started using some Bore Butter between shots while we were lining his up it made it alot easier to load from that point on.
I've shot about 20 of those through my new Triumph and the first one or two are fine but the going gets tough after that.
It only takes one. As long as it is driving tacks who cares?:confused:
If the superglides are tight then the black ones will be worse. A tight fit is good for accuracy but a real effort to deal with. I shoot an Omega and went to the black SW with much better results. If your bore is that tight try 245 or 295gr powerbelts. They are bore undersized. They don't work for me but may be fitting in your case with acceptable results.
Its a darn tight fit for my ML as well but its very accurate.. Thats why I will deal with the "your only gonna get 2 shots max" before you need to clean the barrell a little bit..

I would rather have the accuracy of the shockwaves and make the first shot count than the inaccuracy of the powerbelts.
agreed a lil bore butter puts them down a lil smoother
i find pellets gunk up the barrel a lil more but are convienient jim shokeys gold powder is by far the cleanest stuff to date in my opnion
Shockwave Solution

While you may get away with two shots without swabbing while hunting it sounds like you need to swab with a damp patch then a dry patch between shots at the range. I shoot a TC Omega Z5 and it makes a huge difference.:biggrin:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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