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I just bought a t/c triumph and am not sure what projectile to use. I am fairly new to muzzle loading and last year used a cva with 295 grain powerbelts. My friends dad who hunts with us had trouble with the shockwaves expanding. He shot a doe and the sabot went through both shoulders with what looked like no expansion. I killed my first deer last year with powerbelts. Any guidance as to what projectile to use in the triumph would be greatly appreciated.
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I go with the shockwaves myself.. Had alot of trouble with getting the powerbelts to group well a few years back and have quit using them..

There are several old threads in this ML forum that have some discussion about what people are using in their triumphs.. You may find some useful tips in them..
Thanks for the input ill check out the old threads, im new to the forum so im still trying to navigate everything.
got no problems

i to also have a t/c triumph and shoot 100 grains of pyrodex pellets and a 250 grain shockwave and i took 3 deer down with that combo this year and 2 fell on the spot so i cant say anything bad about the shockwaves and they group amazing at the range to
tmac - I would recommend staying away from Powerbelts as they do not expand well using 100gr of powder/pellets. The little green sabot boot that they use is insufficient to control gas blow by. If you reduce your load to 80 grains then you won't get this gassing and the Powerbelts will group and expand more effectively. 80 gr is still enough power to kill a deer inside 100 yards.

The SW on the other hand at 100gr of T7 powder/pellets expand much better beyond 100 yards. Chances are your friends dad shot that deer at a closer range.

Many Triumph users are getting excellent accuracy with 110 grains of T7 powder with 250 gr SW bullet. Some substitute a green Harvester Crushed Rib Sabot in place of the SW sabot for better accuracy. Using 2-50gr T7 pellets with the 250gr SW is also a great combo. Use the SW easy glide as they are a little easier to load. (yellow color sabot)

You have bought a quality mzl. Just make sure you clean between every shot to maximize accuracy. (you can PM me if you like and I have a specific process I use that I can share with you) A tight fitting bullet/sabot combo will always be more accurate than a bullet that is easier to load. I like to help new muzzleloaders as it can be very overwhelming process. Always ask as there are many good resources on this forum.
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