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Shockeys Or 777?

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ive about went thru a bottle of the shockeys fffg ,its working good but it seems to be a hassle sometimes to get it to come out of the measure without having it plug up.whats everyones take on the triple 7? is it easy to clean up? im thinking of trying some of it when im done with the shockeys.
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I use the 777 pellets. Two pellets with a 240 gr xtp bullet works well for me.Easy cleaning no rotten egg smell.:thumbup:
havent used either but was thinking of trying both,anybody else use the stuff?whats your opinions?
Diehard fan here using 2-50gr 777 pellets with 250 gr TC Shockwaves. Cleanup is a breeze with outstanding groupings. I heard the company has good quality controls with the individual pellet weights so variation is minimized. Only way to really know is to weigh on a gram scale. If you smash the pellets in the process of seating the bullet then you will have mixed results in groupings. I know a guy who smashes the bullet down so hard you would think the breech plug would come flying out the other side. Hard to tell but you gotta think that the poor little pellets are now powder.( love tap to seating point and mark ramrod) The guy ends up shooting all over the place. For me loose powder is a hassle with too much weight variation. Never tried Shockey.
I use the 777 pellets. Two pellets with a 240 gr xtp bullet works well for me.Easy cleaning no rotten egg smell.:thumbup:

I agree as well, 777 works great and less hassle
Can't help much here as I still use more black powder than anything else. Flintlocks still prefer the old stuff!
Im a triple 7 dude as well... I use basically the same set-up as Rozman
I have been using the clean shot for many years and it's been working well. Couldn't ask for an easier clean up.
Im still using pyrodex and it sure is messy
777 is the way to go i tried jim shockeys then went back couldnt get consistancy with same bullet as i did with 777
used both the loose and pellets.pellets are more consistent and easier for sure.
Tried Shockeys and did not like it. Not as clean as they say and got very inconsistent groups.:no:
TC omega 777 pellets (2 pellets) 200 grain shockwave , very accurate
I have been using American Pioneer Powder (Not Shockeys Gold) and I get great results. I have always heard that loose powder is more accurate than pellets for the fact that if you crush pellets you loose a lot of accuracy. But I have heard of a lot of guys/gals that use 777, as you can see from previous posts. Pyrodex is supposedly more corosive than APP and 777.
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