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Shed Hunting

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Has Anybody Been Out Shed Hunting?if So Have You Found Any.i Have Been Out But Found Nothing.
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I walked through the woods last week a little but found nothing. I did come across some deer bedded down. They must know what time of year it is because they seemed very unafraid.
I found one and a pretty good one at that. I looked for a long time for the other one but couldn't find it.I'd Post a pic but can't figure out how
I have about "shed hunted out" I have been looking for the past.....O......month or so and have found one very nice left side to a 10 point and one shed that was VERY old. I would put pics but I have already and if ya search long enough throught the fourms (pics or the lodge) you can find both of them.:smile:
A couple from a few years ago. Found them on Nov 7th. They laid there all year.
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That's nice to find both sides like that. I found three the other day, one I found after I run over it with the bush hog. Lucky I didn't puncture a tire. I glued the pieces back together it looked like about a 2.5 eight pointer. I found one side of a pretty chocolate colored ten point. I will post pics soon.
Yea I thought I was pretty lucky. They were laying side by side
I would like to nail the 10 next year.

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I ended up finding the deer that I chased all year. Apparently he was shot on a neighboring property and he ran to the very middle of the brushy part of one of my favorite hunting spots. Sucks to find deer like that. Didn't find any good sheds this year.
That really does stink, excuse the pun. Such a waist, don't you know somebody is heart broke.
I sure was...he would have been an awesome deer now! I guess I'm not completely sure that he was shot, but he was only a 3 1/2 year old last year and in really good shape last time I saw him. I doubt that he died of disease or by any predator (unless these mountain lion sightings are true). I guess we will never know.
I was out last weekend with my son. we looked in an area south of where I usually hunt and seen an incredible amount of deer sign. (I now see where the deer that funnel into my stand are coming from.)
However, with all the deer sign we did see, we found not a single shed. I was hoping to find a nice set of horns for rattling.
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