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Shane's at it again

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My nephew Shane came down this weekend for the early youth gun season. We set up on my new plot where I have seen quite a few does munchin in the evening hours. We started seeing does coming around 6:00, and by 6:30 they were right in front of him about 75 yards. He made a great shot on the lead slickhead and she went down quickly. We were quietly celebrating for a while as we knew the other deer hadn't completely left the area. To our surprise, the other 6 does that were with her came back into the plot and went right over to where the deer was laying. I was watching/filming those deer as Shane tells me "buck!, buck!". Well, a 8pt. buck was coming in on the same trail that the does came in on. He never hesitated as he went through the gate and into the plot. Shane and I talked it over and decided it was ok to go ahead and take it. This was his first buck, and he was excited to get it. At the end of the night he had made two perfect shots and had two deer to be proud of. He is becoming quite the hunter, and I have enjoyed every minute spent in the woods with him. It is so different watching kids experience this thing we love so much, and I must say it is better to watch than to hunt myself. I am looking forward to him coming back for regular rifle season when we will try to chase the big deer! I will try to get the pics up later today. I also have video, but not quite sure how to get that on here...
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WOO HOO!!! Way to go Shane, your the man.
Congrats on the nice deer Shane!

As to putting the video on here you can upload it to Youtube then put it on here.
Big time congrats Shane, :ibtl:and you need to thank somebody really close to you for all the teaching/training! Nice going on the double.
Wowsers... My kids will be jealous when I show them these pics. Great deer Shane.
Congrats to Shane
Funny My youngest daughter & I will be going out next weekend for NH's Youth hunt. this will be her second season Her goal: To see one
good goal to have here in NH back of my head I hope she gets to shoot she is probably a better shot then dad
again great job on the Double
Congratulations Shane!!! I agree with Buckshot when he says "Your the Man"
awesome hunt Shane! Great JOB!
congrats shane and thank ur uncle and make sure you pass down what he is teaching you to continue this great tradition.keep it up kiddo.:thumbup:
I hope your uncles getting it mounted for you .. Shane
We did a european mount on this one. Hopefully he can get a bigger one in November that I can shoulder mount for him.:yes:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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