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senior moment humor

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Mom called said she locked both sets of car keys in the trunk. The deville has a trunk release button, didn't work. Could not get to the trunk through the rear seat. Called AAA, locksmith made a key, $171.00. Opened trunk, no keys. Both sets in her purse in her bedroom on night stand. Gotta love her!!!:rolleyes:
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Thats pretty funny
Moms just checking you, making sure that your on your toes HM LOL
I did a similar thing to my wife when I was in college. Called her at work in a panic the week of finals my junior year because I had locked my keys in the apartment. I was so sure I had left them on the kitchen counter when I was making my lunch. She drove 45 mins to the apartment, opened the door and to my surprise the keys were not there. A few minutes of looking around and she says. Did you check your pockets? I give her the “what kind of idiot do you think I am look” then proceed to pull my keys out of my pants pocket. :wallbash: It has been 10 years and we still laugh about it.
:biggrin: Great thread..

Gotta love those senior moments..

My wife has these blond moments on a daily basis.. She will holler either "have you seen my phone" or "where are my keys".. I figured it out though.. All I have to do is wait about 45 secs and I hear a "never mind found them"..
Good post guys. One day my wife, daughter and i were at the store and my wife tells my daughter to call her cell because she can't find it. My daughter looks at her and says, "Mom look in your hand" and sure enough there was her phone. Blonde moment. I'm sure my wife could tell a few stories on me but lucky enough for me my memory is not as good when it comes to my old man moments.
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