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I have 4 recurve bows for sale along with a dozen custom cedar arrows and an upright arrow stand. inaddition, I have a few collectable arrows that will go to the higest bidder. In the next few days I'll list them and give a price. 2-Bears, 1 shackspere, 1 Hilt. The arrows were built in Tenn and are $100.00 firm. The bows will range from 40.00 for the Hilt to 200-300 a piece for the bears, and 165 for the shackspere. New strings are provided. I'll provide the details tomorrow night after work. These are nice bows to show or shoot. I'd really like to sell it as a whole lot to one person. Hope to get a few pictures on here too. Please look them over but don't over look them. This is your chance to own some really nice stuff.
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