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Seeking crossbow broadhead & bolt suggestions

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I recently was given a Barnett crossbow and a dozen field points for practice. I put a new string on it, waxed 'er up, and am looking for suggestions for the best killer broadheads for the '09 deer season.

I just read about the new 'Bloodrunner' (3 for $40.00: Newarchery)
Will that work on a bolt?

Graphite or aluminun bolts?:crazy:
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Are these the broadheads you're talking about?

I caught them on DravesArchery - 100 Grain, 1.5" Cut
Only $34.99
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broadhead and bolt suggestions

I have tried all kinds of fixed blades with no luck I suggest a good mechanical like rage.
Crossbow Broadheads

I use 125gr Wasp 3 blade on my 10 Point Crossbow. It pulls at 165# and I have not hit a deer with it that didn't go completely thru breaking ribs along the way. Makes a bigger hole than my .270. I love them!
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