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see yall

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in a week. Leaving tomorrow up to my moms in NC for a week of deer hunting. Going early this year so the bears will have to wait. Hope to get a few good'uns. Ill post pics when I get home we dont have internet access there.Hope to see some nice deer pics posted when I get back. Good luck to yall and stay safe. "if ya see bone,lay it prone:thumbup: Oh yea, dont forget you can post your kills on my web site also.
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good luck Hellbilly
Good luck, sounds like the surgery went well enough to hit the woods. Happy hunting.
Good Luck and yes we will be looking for those pics when you return. :biggrin:
I can see you bringing back a bunch of squirrel pics... you ain't gonna kill no deer. lol....... j/k Good luck , I am sure you will be calling me and bragging.....
Good luck I have another week.
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