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The State of Massachusetts is currently well into deer hunting season, and last night at the Westford Museum, members of the Westford Conservation Trust were on the hunt for new knowledge as they heard from suburban deer management specialist Pat Huckery. :thumbdown:

Huckery, the northeastern Massachusetts district director for the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (DFW), spent two hours discussing the importance of controlling the deer population in areas such as Westford, where the loss of natural predators outside of man have made unbalanced deer populations highly disruptive influences on local ecosystems.:crazy:

However, Huckery made it clear that reducing the deer population by too much would be just as harmful to the local environment as if no hunting was done at all. :surprised:

While Westford Conservation Trust president William Morton noted that he was opposed to changing Westford’s firearm bylaws, he believes that local deer overpopulation is a significant problem for the town. :crazy:
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