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Second Hunt of the Year

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Taking the Gurls(Wife and Daughter) on a hunt to Rocksprings this coming weekend.They will be allowed to take an Exotic Doe apiece.Either an Axis,Fallow or a BlackBuck.Please wish them luck.Would be daughters first animal.Will get some pics.Will try and post the pics from the first hunt soon.Wife lost her cable for camera to pc but hopefully she will find it soon.
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go get em:boxing:
i wish the ladies good hunting. im sure you will be more excited seeing your daughter get her first one than she is. thats the one thing im looking forward to when my little girls grow up. thats about all though. first young man that comes over to try to take one of em out..... :ranting: well you know. sorry im off the subject.
Good Luck ladies !!! I'm throwing pennies in the fountain for both of you.. NOW you's get out there and make us Rookies proud !! :thumbup:
We had a great time and the gurls had a sucessfull hunt.Both took antelope does.Yummie.Brother-in-law took two axis does.Yummie x 2.Posted a pic in my gallery will try to get more in there later.
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