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Sec Football

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I am looking forward to the beginning of college football. Hope Tennessee can do well this year. Anybody have any predictions on who is going to do the best in the SEC this year?
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im guessing lsu but that depends on how they recruited...its not gonnna be the same with out jamarcus russell
i gotta go with the university of Tennessee. Just cause their my home team and even if they stunk i would still pick them to win it all. seriously though i would have to say its between lsu, florida, and tenn. lsu and florida are starting with some unproven qb's so we will have to see how they pan out. tenn has fot a lot of questions at the wide receiver position. kentucky has got the best qb and is the sleeper i think and will upset some of their sec rivals this year. south carolina and georgia are also liable to do some damage to their sec opponents. what gets me though is how stacked the sec team is with talent. it seems like every team they have is somewhere in the top 25. we got big boys too unlike those weany pac-10 teams. when you get hit by an sec player you fill it for a week or two. i better quit running my mouth though because tenn plays cal (a pac10 school) sat. we are liable to lose even though i doubt it. cal will be out for revenge since we put the beat down on them last year.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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