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Seasons end

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I guess im getting old but after todays sit i just took a walk around property one last time.Ive killed alot a deer and its becoming less important to me and i guess im gettin sentimental or soft(still shot 4 )just different feeeling!:thumbup:
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The last morning in S.Ohio I did the same thing just said thanks for another hunt and left pretty contented. I think we develop a certain appreciation just to be able to do what we enjoy doing. I hate to call it maturing but maybe that's all it is. When we have more years behind us that ahead in the hunting arena the appreciation is very real. I truly enjoy hunting with old friends with the flintlocks, it's just a great time. This is where hunting camp makes for a week of enjoyment for me. Good food, great friends doing what we all like doing, hunting!
I'm with y'all. I'm looking forward to doing a little scouting and putting out two new ladder stands I have and then time to put fresh line on all the rods and start looking for smallmouth and catching some crappie.

My summer office, (the swimming pool at the club), doesn't open until Memorial Day. After that my schedule is pretty simple. We are going to Gulf Shores for a week in June and that is all that is on my calendar. I work out, hit the pool for a couple hours then come home and write a little, nap a lot. I may need an assistant.
Still have about a month and a half left of deer season, but am already making plans for next season.
Regular season ends in about two weeks. Extended season (doe/spike buck) runs another two weeks. HM & Spiker, I've already made a couple of walks through the property and am thanking my lucky stars that I've had a successful hunt this year. (one buck, one doe). Still have time to put maybe another one or two into the freezer.

Was reading the obits from my hometown (population 2000) paper today. There were three listed and all three were younger than I am. And I'm not even 55 yet. . . . . . Okay, so I turn 55 next year.

Just makes you appreciate having another year to live, another year to hunt.

Season's end is almost here for us too.. The last week of Dec. I will be in the woods several days in a row.. This is my hunting season for the most part.. Took vacation off work and am hoping the rut is starting to heat up around then..

I must be getting old as well.. I just enjoy being out in the woods even when I dont tag a deer..
taking my son this week to try to fill an unused tag during ml season. i do also enjoy being out but especially out with him.
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