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I know we have covered this topic in the past, but I have a new twist to the conversation. I subscribe to the notion of urinating in mock scrapes as well as authentic scrapes. but here is where the twist occurs. can deer smell pharmaceuticals passed through urine. antibiotics, pain killers, aspirin, blood pressure medicines or even hay fever medications that are probably in heavy use during the early part of the hunting season. I would be interested in hearing factual responses as well as personal hypothesis.
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Good question, however, I'm one that would never pee into a scrape and subscribe to the practice of using only deer products for deer. I've made scrapes using an antler to break up the dirt but most times find a suitable stick and when done I relocate the stick. I do use a couple of different doe in heat products to make the buck think he's on something big and needs to check his scrapes real often. Good luck on your research.
To deep of a question for me!

I guess thats why I play it safe and only use deer related urine products if I want to add some additional scent to a scrape.
I take several of the meds you listed,and have wizzed in a scrape before.Also before going into the woods one morning bow hunting I walked across the road from were my trail starts and took a leak.I started down the trail and noticed I forgot my release and went back to truck.When I walked out of the trail there was a 4pt smelling it the peed on it.The scrape I wizzed on,when I came back to it,it had been enlarged and peed in.There or a few foods and drinks to stay away from if your going to do this.anything that changes the smell of it,like asperigus,cabbage also vitamins
I have personally pissed in a scrape just to see what the result would be. Keep in mind this scrape was far from the area I was set up in. The scrape was totally ripped up the next time i took a look! Not sure I would agree on this for a tactic , but I would say it may have some merit.
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