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I don't enjoy being crowded in a hunting spot but I mostly hunt on public lands so it does get a little congested at times but if you scout your areas well and you know how the other hunters are most likely coming into the woods you can use that to your advantage.

If you speak with other hunters that are hunting the same areas you are, DON'T reveal everything you know about the area, let them do the leg work to find where the deer are feeding, bedding, traveling etc.
If you say to them "I've got my stand set up about 250 yards over that way (Pointing to a specific direction) and if you run into other hunters could you tell them I'm over there also, there's no need to ruin each others hunts" Most (not all) hunters will respect that and head off into the other directions.
If they aren't familiar with the area chances are they're going to wander aimlessly and end up spooking deer onto their feet, once a deer gets up it's got to seek a safer spot to survive the day,, that alone is one way the others will help your hunt by getting the deer up and moving.

Don't let hunting on public lands alter your attitude or the way you hunt.
Stay scent free, maintain focus and hold onto a strong positive attitude in the end that's what's going to help you harvest your deer. :thumbup:
Good Luck and Happy Safe Hunting.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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