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I hunt a lot of public land in Illinois and what I do before every trip to one particular state park is drive around the park and check out all of the parking lots. One in particular always have 5 or more trucks in it, so I avoid it. Most of the guys are gone by noon but back around 3. I found a little spot that most people avoid because it is pretty small, maybe 40 acres, but noone goes there usually so I have the place to myself. I've seen 10 or so deer in this area with two nice bucks. Everyones oversight is my gain, and I only "found" this spot last season. I guess my point is don't overlook an area because others do. This spot has a river on one boundry, a high wall where rail road tracks go over on another side, and a private pasture/horse farm on the other and in the middle of it all is a highly used bedding thicket. Great stuff to watch them move in and out of the bedding area.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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