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dont really know what this deer would score its a 13 pt, got a couple weird points including a unicorn point coming out


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IDK but that sure is a great looking buck!!!!!!
enough id say.put him down and find out
LOL Hellbilly I was going to say the same thing
in my book that deer is a Trophy (not saying much)
any deer I harvest is a tro[phy to me
anyway Spenser good luck dropping that beast
enough id say.put him down and find out
10 stinkin 4!!!!! I would love that buck. Its hard to tell from that pic what it would score. I like bucks with all that junk on it. I guess I am a non-typical fan.
I dont know what it would score either but it would dress up any wall perfectly.
I agree with the above posters.. don't worry about the score... kill him and then worry about it....
OK, I'll play.... 213 6/8ths making it a new world's record!! :pickle:

(I didn't even look that one
ok, i'll play since turner's full of it! lol JOKING!

I'll guess 170ish....
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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