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I just bought the t/c triumph and plan on putting a scope on it. I am not sure if i should use the nikon bdc or go with a leupold muzzle loading scope. I have been told that using a scope is pointless unless you have bad eys and can't use the open sights. Any ideas on this? Should i bother with a scope?
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If all you're shots were less than 75 yds then go for the open sights, otherwise install a scope. You purchased a nice gun install a good scope and you will never regret it. Open sights for the majority of hunters limit the usefullness of the firearm, as most modern muzzleloaders will shoot well past 150yds, you really need to see the whole picture clearly and accurately, the game deserves no less.
I put a Nikon prostaff on my ML.. Gives me more confidence with the shot. Ive not shot alot of rounds in my short life so I darn sure would not trust myself taking a 100 yard shot without a scope..
I was thinking of putting a nikon on my ml but decided against it.Do not shoot out far enough that often to see spending the money. The nikon bdc gets great reviews and is available in a couple colors and camo. E-bay is your best bet. Yes, you can by them new with the warranty in tact. Oh, by the way The warranty is lifetime!
Tmac - The scopes you cited are good. I would would go with a 2x7x32 or 3x9x40 in Nikon Prostaff, Bushnell Legend or the Bushnell 3200. I have a 1.5x5 on my Omega. My eyes have degraded the last few years so I must use scopes. Even if you have 20/20 vision a scope still extends your shot capabilities 100-150 yards beyond open sights. If you are hunting thicker brush where your max shots are 50-75 yards then a scope is not needed. Stay away from the over/under rings as they are mounted to high to maintain good shooting form. (aka: cheek weld)

Last year I passed on a deer about 200 yards away with the Omega because it was to far for the scope. It was the first time I wish I had a bigger scope. Being from Southern NH myself I will assume we hunt the same terrain types. I would recommend a scope. Your groupings at 100-150 yards will drastically improve. All the deer that I have harvested with a mz have been 100-150 yards away in NH. My scopes have helped me fill my tags.
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