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Thinking about putting a scope on my triumph.... what kind would you recommend?
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I use a Nikon Omega without the circles that allow you, supposedly, to shoot a long distance. 5 inches of eye relief. Make sure you look thru one first not everyone likes them.
Thinking about putting a scope on my triumph.... what kind would you recommend?
Where are you from? what type of hunting situations do you find yourself in most of the time? (short range shots, long range shots, thick dark forest, open hardwoods, fields, pastures, etc etc etc)
these are a few things to consider when choosing a scope for your rifle.
Bushnell makes good scopes with the average mans wallet can handle. If cost isnt an issue go with nikon or a leapold. I've seen some nice scopes that for me the best advantage is light. I've seen my friends nikon that can see almost 45 mins longer.
Im from Western Pa. I hunt in pretty thick cover. Some open fields once in awhile. Money is an issue after buying my triumph. Thanks for all your help guys.
I threw a Nikon Prostaff on my triumph.. It has held up well and done the job for me.. Around the $140 range is what I spent I believe..
I have a Leupold rifleman 3x9x40 on my TC triumph.
Triumph Scopes

I have two CVA Wolfs and both have Traditions 3-9X40 ML scopes on them. They have the circle-dot reticle and are super clear and accurate. The scopes come in a kit with scope, rings, and 3 sets of bases to cover all the ML brands. The entire kit is $70 at Dick's. Hope this helps.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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