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Hi all, I recently bought myself a new 30-06 rifle which came with Nikko Sterling rails and mounts - shouldn't be a drama as I've got them on another rifle, but on my first two visits to the range the scope fell off completely - not something I was best impressed with and not something that's happened to me before!

So, in the bin they went - I can't live with something once I've lost confidence in it, and off I went to the local gun shop!

As I have a leopold 6x42 scope, I bought myself new rails and mounts from them too - in short, a delight to fit, quick and easy and I've had them on the rifle for over a month now and have thrown over a hundred rounds through it without a problem - the scope is stable and ecure and I'm delighted with them!

Hope this helps!

BTW - can anyone here recommend a set of quick-release mounts as I'd like a set for my .375H&H?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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