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Budget = I'd like to stay under $300.

Rifle on order, time for the scope. I just ordered a Remington 700 in .308. I think I'll be happy with it. Now comes the time to order a scope. I needed to wait until I knew how much money I had left over to see if I could even get a scope or if I had to re-purpose another one I had and get the scope I wanted next year.

I hunt during rifle season for five days and that's usually it. Maybe one more weekend. I'll mostly be doing standard woods hunting with some power line and open fields. 300 yds or less and typically 100 yds or less. With that in mind I think a 3-9x40mm will work but I'd like to discuss the actual value of going to a 50mm.

I've only owned one scope in my life which was a Nikon Buckmaster 3-9x40mm and I was happy with it for the price point. I've used a few other rifles with higher end (and more expensive) with a few bells and whistles and you can see the difference. One of them had great light gathering ability and another had some illuminated cross hairs which was nice.

I'd like your thoughts on if you agree on the 3-9x40mm (or 50mm) and what "extras" you think have real value. I don't want my lens filled up with so many playthings that I can't see the deer. I don't need range finders (I don't think) as I generally have an idea to all my markers, etc.

Ready? Go!
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