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I've used many scent lures and attractants over the years. But the most success for me came from a scent formerly known as Love Potion #9 from (Cobleskill,NY). It's now known as Bucks Gone Wild. It is a combination of doe in estrus and a "subordinate" or less dominant buck. I think that the "sub" buck scent not only fires up the "dom" bucks but it gets the other "sub" bucks to come in a little less fearless of getting lumped up. That creates a whole lot of deer scent in the area and you make the deer work in your favor. Many times I've planned an all day sit but the response from deer had me out by 10am. When I passed on all deer throughout the day I just hung back and watched the deer show. I have only been using this scent for 2yrs now and I love it. I use it to lay a fairly long drag trail around funnel areas and then hang the drag up in a somewhat strategic location. I also spray the string with scent killer even though I wore gloves dragging it. I hope that this info. is helpful to you and others.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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