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scent clue!!

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well boys, I dont have a clue what I am doing. Sorry to say. I just have a few questions maybe someone with a little experience can help a young feller out. By the way I am a rifle hunter.

After shower with scent free soap, Do you use a scent free towel?

In the shower do you use a scent free wash rag that has been washed with scent free detergent?

After the shower, do you start putting all your hunting clothes on now? Then Get in your non-scent free truck and drive to your hunting spot?
---What I did last year was put all colthes on except for outer layer then put that on once I got to the field. But I didn't shoot a thing all season.

last question... I have been looking for a scent free "bag" to put hunting cothing in between hunts and through the off season. I have looked at scent free bags from scent lok and other brands but that crap is way to expensive for a piecs of plastic?! What I came across was those space saving bags at wal-mart that are gigantic in size, that you put your vacuum on them and suck all the air out. What do you guys think? I have tried it already and things seem to be working alright; no leaks or problems. I bought 1 jubo size for $10 that hold all my hunting clothes and makes everything about 3 inches tall. pretty amazing.

I have 15-20+ piont bucks(trail camera) on the land but I never see anything while hunting. I am doing something wrong and no help to show me.

I am taking every precaution this year, no reason to spend this money for nothing!!

thank you for listening to my story and ANY help would be appriciated. Happy hunting everyone.
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nothing is 100%. the steps you are taking are good but don't forget the wind. put the wind in your favor, even if it means a farther walk to get where you need to be. also use rubber or the like boots put on in the field. don't forget a scent locking face mask because of your breathing.
To answer your first questions YES. The last question is that I use contractor bags from Home Depot, cheap, big, tough, and no scent. I do tend to get a little carried away but would much rather be too careful than get busted for being careless. Does it all matter all the time? I don't know but with a deer's nose a little can be a lot. I'm referring to old mature deer which is all I'm interested in hunting.
im borderline OCD when it comes to scent control.i shower then put on a base layer of scent free cloths then a i put on all my outer layers when i get to the field.i spray down my driver seat ocasionaly,no smoking or eating in the car when going hunting.i keep my boots in a bag and only wear em in the field.i hate those space bags they leak eventually and who has a vacum in the field. I use jumbo ziplocks and roll out the air or a rubbermaid foot locker.I use fresh apples as a cover scent and put doe in heat scent on pads on my boots when i walk to my stand .i always play the wind and use a wind checker all day long to watch thermals.I see plenty of deer so i think its worth the effort:yes:
I hope this doesn't offend anybody but I don't play the big dollar marketing game. I do nothing, I hang my coveralls and such outside under the carport each evening and I dress there in the morning. I smoke on the way, and while hunting if the urges takes me. I've never had an empty tag since 1989 when I started buying hunting license. Maybe it is the hours I hunt compared to others or something but it works for me year after year. That goes the same for B/C or P/Y measuring. A 10 point is a 10 point where I come from. But all the new fangled measuring has gotten alot more camps and leases doing game management than any other thing that has been tried. I know you can't cook the horns down to make a stew, but I'm fairly certain a spike won't be a spike next year either.
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