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Scent drips

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This year I was thinking about trying the mock scrape method. I have never tried this tactic and I didn't know if now would be a good time to try and implement it or what? I don't know, maybe I'm even too late to try it this year?? If not, do I also need to use a scent drip also? Thanks alot..
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I think you'd be ok. Just make sure you don't do it real close to a REAL scrape. Find a good trail and set up the mock scrape. I'd do it asap if I were you. If you use scents on your mock scrape then you won't need a drip (at least this time of year you won't)
Im gonna try the whole mock scrape with drip this year.. I will probably put a camera on it and see how it does as well.. I will post the results, pics, etc, once its all set up..
Thanks for the input. Yea I figured I would try it this year, hopefully it'll give me an edge on the big boy!!
I use a dripper with active scrape in it works great draws bucks every year
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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